About the Book

The tools you need for a happy, healthy retirement

Gary Sirak is a 40-year veteran of the financial services industry and owner of Sirak Financial Services in Canton, Ohio. He has worked with hundreds of clients, advising and preparing them for the financial side of retirement. Listening to their stories and experiences, Gary realized retirement is not just about the financial side of things.

How To Retire and Not Die offers real-life plans, tips and answers for anyone who is planning their retirement, close to retirement, already retired, or helping a family member or friend through this important stage of life.


Story Ideas:

• When is the right time for you to retire?
How to recognize if it’s time to take the next step in your life.

• What if retirement isn’t right for you?
Discover strategies to sustain your work life.

• What if I told you retirement is not all about money?
You will be surprised what it’s really about.

• Discover the 3 Ps: Passion, Purpose and Planning
Learn how these three concepts will guide you to a fulfilling retirement.

• What does your perfect retirement look like?
Create your own plan following easy-to-do steps outlined in the book.

Book Adaptation:  How to Successfully Run the Retirement Marathon

book-bites-articleZach Obront of Book Bites wrote an adapted article about the book How To Retire and Not Die.

Unfortunately, very few people I’ve worked with are truly prepared for retirement. They assume money is the only thing that matters and stop there. Almost no one has good answers to the questions, “What are you going to do with your time? How are you going to spend the rest of your life?….

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